The Adjudication Panel for Wales is an independent body established under Part III of the Local Government Act 2000.

The Administration

The administration is responsible for the tribunal administration.The administration:

  • has responsibility for the registrar functions for the Adjudication Panel for Wales
  • deals with all telephone and written enquiries
  • deals with the processing of appeals and references; and
  • notifies parties of important stages in the process such as when and where the hearing will take place.

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Panel Members

The tribunal president is a legal member and the judicial lead of the Adjudication Panel for Wales. The president has overall responsibility for the tribunal, its members and decisions. The tribunal also has legal and lay members who have knowledge and expertise in areas that are of relevance to the tribunal. The president and members are appointed by Welsh Ministers.

Tribunal hearings are composed of three members of the Adjudication Panel for Wales. The chairperson for the hearing is usually a legal member.

Key facts:

  • The tribunal is funded by the Welsh Government but the tribunal, the members and decisions of the Adjudication Panel for Wales, are independent of Government; and
  • the tribunal has two parts; the administration and the tribunal members. Both work together, during the process doing different jobs. It is the role of the tribunal members to hear and decide case, interim case and appeal tribunals. It is the role of the administration to carry out administrative duties involving the processing of references and appeals.