APW/005/2010-011/CT: Cllr P Heesom

Name: Cllr P Heesom

Reference number: APW/005/2010-011/CT

Relevant authority: Flintshire County Council

Location: Village St Davids Hotel, Ewloe

Date of event: 19/07/2013

Nature of allegation: Breach of paras 4(a), 4(b), 6(1)(b) and 7(a) of the 2001 code of conduct and paras 4(b), 4 (c) and 4(d) of the 2008 code of conduct.

Tribunal decision: Disqualified for 2 1/2 years

The Order made by the High Court of 20 August 20013 to stay the disqualification imposed by the Case Tribunal on 19 July 2013 has been rescinded by the High Court by Order dated 5 September 2013.

Note: The Case Tribunal decision was appealed to the High Court.  The High Court dismissed the appeal in respect of the case tribunal’s findings on breach, save for 3 findings of breach that were quashed.  The High Court reduced the sanction from a disqualification of 2 and a half years to 18 months – Ref: [2014] EWHC 1504 (Admin).

The case can be read on the British and Irish Legal Institute website (external link).